Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Glue instead of Stitches

My art quilt group met today (or at least two of us were able to meet), and thanks to the active gray cells of one member we were able to meet at our favorite quilt shop.  Not only is it slightly more centrally located, it provides a safe place for one woman who has real difficulties with chemical residues (of the kind that are present in homes that have been recently renovated - mine and K's).  Naturally, it is also good to be somewhere where one (i.e., me) can purchase an essential item for one's work.  

When I arrived at the shop and was setting up my machine, I discovered that for the first time in my quilting career I had left both the power cord and the foot pedal for my machine at home.  No machine sewing for me!  It could have been a disaster (although I may have been able to borrow a machine from the shop), but I was able to turn it into an advantage.  My plan had been to start quilting a wall hanging which I had duly pinned to death.  As I looked at it this morning, I realized that all that pinning would not only make sewing very difficult it would also not keep the multitude of pieces flat (which is why basting is what smart people usually do).  Since we were in a shop, I was able to purchase glue that is designed for basting.   It took me about three - four hours to glue down all the pieces so I was very glad things had fallen out as they did.  Lucky me!

Mistakes can turn out to be advantages.

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