Monday, January 23, 2017

One Thing Worked!

You know how it is when you are all set to do something, but somehow even with the "will" part down pat, the "way" part isn't always on board?  Yes, you're right, it happened - again - today.  It started out fine with a walk and then the laundry (it is Monday after all).  After breakfast I sat down to work on quilt show registrations which always take more time than I plan.  I did get the one to VQF almost finished complete with photos, but I don't have stamps.  Admittedly, the local guild registration is barely started.  After lunch I had to work with our daughter via phone on some editing (still the English teacher), and then the laundry needed more attention . . . Are you beginning to see circles?  I was!

All that kept me from even thinking about doing anything creative today.  So tomorrow I may be at painting class with blank sheets of paper that should have studies on them.  Darn.  

Sometimes plans just don't go as one hoped.

But I can show you one thing that was accomplished!

A jigsaw puzzle!

1 comment:

  1. There are always too many days like that - busy but not with what we initially wanted to do. But, the puzzle is really pretty! And today is another day! Good luck!