Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Tibetan Monk Painting

Even though the dicey roads meant I was not able to go to painting today, painting was accomplished.  I did not take out the watercolor paints even though I recently spent time thinking about the next painting in that medium.  Instead, because I am at home where none of the oil paints or all the solvents bother any one's allergies, I pulled out the Tibetan monk canvas and worked on it.

You may remember this painting, and if you do, you will wonder what on earth I did today.

I can't blame you because much of my time was spent revisiting areas already painted.  I lightened the sky which had been all the same value on the top right.  That also meant the corrugated roof (still a work in progress) on the right also needed to be paler and darker on the left.  The tree had been blank canvas and I began working on that.  The monk's robes had the color altered to a slightly more purpley red (maroon) to intensify the difference with the shawl across his body.  Since I was working in a maroon which was also the color of the narrow strip of roof within the courtyard, I painted that as well which was a mistake.  Once it's dry I will tone that down as it is far too dominant now.  

The monk's skin and the chickens need to be attended to as do the red panels in the outer as wall straight they are not!  Indeed, all of the so-called straight lines need attention.  Then after everything is taken care of, the painting has to be evaluated to be sure it works as a whole.

Right now I'm just glad I got back to it!

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  1. I had forgotten about this painting. I'm glad you're working on it! You'll have to do more and keep us updated!