Tuesday, January 17, 2017

"Louring Sky"

Today the painting was finished!  I did need to tweak a few things - some of which I was aware and some at Sharon's suggestion (with which I agreed - she never pushes us to take her advice if we aren't in full agreement).  The final painting makes me happy even though it isn't perfect.

Before it was time to leave, I took out my pen and wrote the title, date, and signed my name.  Its called "Louring Sky" (lour is pronounced to rhyme with hour and means "threatening") because I felt the archaic/old-fashioned/rarely used word suited the entire subject best.  The building is from another era and not in tip top shape. The landscape (scruffy trees springing up willy-nilly and weedy, overgrown surroundings) hasn't had any attention in a long time.  The site is threatened by time, and now, in the moment of this painting, by weather.

But . . . oops . . . I forgot to take a photo of the final work.  Being excited that after so many failed studies, there was actually a completed painting, I went directly from class to the art store where I get things framed. It should be ready in two - three weeks at which time I will try to get a decent photo to show.

If not, when you come to visit, you'll be sure to see it in some room or other.

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  1. I'm going to love seeing this one when it's framed. You do wonderful work !!