Monday, February 24, 2014

And So It Begins - Again

Our kitchen renovation began today, and it certainly was off with a bang  It's amazing how much can be destroyed in one day!  While we had done our job of clearing things out, there were still many things to move before destruction could begin.  Yet, even that went startlingly fast; within two hours all furniture and most of the appliances were moved into different places in our house.  And there went my dream of making sure to keep things organized and corralled in one room.  Ha!

Island, stove, microwave, and refrigerator are gone.
 All of the lower cabinets are now in a dumpster in our drive way, and the sink is also a thing of the past.
That blue pail is such a lovely touch!
The upper cabinets have met the same fate as the lower and more of that early 80's wallpaper (which I really liked then - but no more wallpaper for me now!) is a thing of the past, also.  Look, that dreadful, dimpled linoleum is disappearing!
The "swag" of wires is a nice touch, don't you agree?
We are now tired and a bit discombobulated from all the mess so I'll say, "Good Night!"


  1. oh, my!! The kitchen looks very different! And it can only get better from here!

    It won't be long and you'll have a beautiful kitchen!!

  2. I'm scared!! Glad you are getting to it first lol...can't wait to see it progress.
    Think I'm excited to follow suit, but not sure...will look forward to watching your new space evolve.

  3. Keep us posted. I do love new kitchens ... but it ain't happening in my lifetime. We committed to a new hot water heater after 19 years. How boring!