Sunday, February 9, 2014

Still Cleaning Cabinets

It's been a weekend of emptying cupboards and making piles in the family room.  Clearing those cabinets has actually been an enjoyable activity in part because we have such a wonderful goal in sight but also because it is always nice to have things clean and orderly.  It's been a very long time since the island was either!  

That doesn't mean that all is complete; not by a long chalk!  First of all, some things have to be left where they are because they are essential on a daily basis.  You know, salt and pepper, basic spices, a few plates and cups and, of course, glasses.  It's funny now to see how very bowed our shelves are.  After all, we moved in in 1979, and the house was built on speculation which means "builders' quality" throughout.  Trust me, it was very low end quality.  Ah well, we have lived with it for all that time, and it served us reasonably well.

There are some cabinets that haven't been tackled yet.  That's because we don't have to get everything done immediately; it will be a couple of weeks before work actually starts.  We're working now because by doing it gradually, we are more careful about what stays and what goes.  Too often we've moved too quickly and precious things are thrown away and not so precious is kept.  Also, working more slowly means we aren't spending all our time slogging away at it.

For example, today I had enough time to do some painting in the afternoon.  And I had enough time to be depressed about the way the painting went!  

You might say, that I had a bit too much time.  Sigh.  

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  1. Cleaning cabinets does have it rewards. And that painting isn't finished yet -- so don't be depressed just yet. Bet Sharon will have some helpful hints tomorrow.