Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Rusty Brown and Snow-Day Activities

Just received an email from the owner of that darling dog I shared the other day.  She kindly told me I could share photos of him any time and even tell you his name.  It's Rusty Brown; isn't that perfect?  If you can't remember what he looks like, here he is again:

This is the original photo sister-in-law sent.  She says he is even popular with men despite his diminutive size (5 pounds).  I'd scoop him up in a New York minute!

Today was another ho-hum day even though the snow wasn't (all 11.5" according to the ten o'clock weather report).  It was stunning - especially when seen from the inside looking out.  We were plowed out once, and the town went by with the big town plow and plowed us in twice.  Isn't our language fascinating?

While all that snow was falling, I tackled the 3-shelf bookcase in our kitchen.  When I finished, I had a few more books in the "library donation" pile and three empty shelves.  The books we are keeping are in the family room because D refused to clutter up the family room again.  He cleared out the left side of the pantry where the cleaning supplies are but left the ones that are used weekly.  Then he moved on to the top two shelves of the right-hand side where our canned goods, baking goodies, and well, pantry things are stored.  By that time the bookcase was finished so I moved over and finished the pantry.  That right side is also now empty.  Those items are stored in bins in the - yes, family room.

Our next targets are the wire shelving unit and the island (shudder!).

It just occurred to me that I may not have written about our next foray into construction.  We are going to re-vamp our kitchen both to make it more attractive (something it never was) and also to make it more user (we are a sometimes-two-cooks family sharing an inefficient space) friendly.  Many of the errands I've mentioned lately were to choose cabinets, flooring, counter top, faucet, and back splash.  Fortunately, I'm not one who takes a long time making those decisions so that part went reasonably quickly.  It's also the reason for all the sorting and clearing out.

Trust me, I don't mind the work one little bit!

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