Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Day 3 for the Kitchen

The destruction continues!  Honestly, sometimes I wonder how we managed to live with things the way they were, and then I think of the kitchen with which my mother-in-law had to contend for close to sixty years.  That makes me shut my mouth very quickly, I can tell you!

This is looking into the kitchen area of the room.  You can see the lonesome dishwasher; it's now the only appliance in the kitchen, and it isn't even where it belongs or plugged in! The dry wall had to come down in this area because some pipes had to be re-routed.  The shiny silver one is the new pipe that was put in today.

Now you are looking into the eating area of the room.  In both pictures you can see that the ceiling had to be completely taken down for wiring purposes.  

D has caught a cold so we went out for lunch today as I wanted him to have some hot soup - comfort food for both of us.  We do have a toaster oven, a crock pot, Keurig, and electric kettle and so far we've done all right, but already there are times when we just have to get out.

By the way, the ubiquitous blue pail is in both photos.  Today it is catching drips from the upstairs bath tub - another pipe to be replaced!  

Anyway, the pail is fun to watch and see where it turns up each day.


  1. Your kitchen truly is very naked!! Good thing the ceiling is down when you find a leaking pipe - so it can easily be replaced now. What a big job!! But, there's no turning back now. I can hardly wait to see it finished!!

  2. The only thing I recognize are the bright windows looking into the garden. Today we got our new hot water heater. Really BORING!!