Thursday, February 13, 2014

Quiet Winter Day

Wow, what a winter's day, and it isn't over yet!  At one point when I looked out back I saw five male cardinals back by the feeders.  There was no point in even trying to get a photo of all of them as they were on the move constantly - flitting from bush to bush to feeder to ground and back again.  But, oh, they were beautiful!

There aren't any photos for today as I didn't do anything that would be worthy of making a record.  It was a quiet day where I kept busy but don't have anything exciting to relate; I think I was as muffled as it was outside in all that snow.  

This morning I made a vegetable quiche.  I made one earlier this week for a neighbors and had plenty of fresh ingredients left over so I decided to replicate the quiche and save the vegetables that way.  It was either that or the compost bin so they wouldn't really have been wasted.  But this way, we'll get to enjoy them more.

Then this afternoon when I couldn't settle on sewing, painting, or cleaning out, I baked two batches of biscotti.  The first was using a recipe I'd used before but making some changes.  So instead of chocolate pistachio today's version is semi-sweet and white chocolates with macadamias.  The corner I tasted was quite good.  Then I tried a new recipe for almond, anise, and lemon biscotti.  This one is rather disappointing.  I had bought a new box of anise seed and used a tablespoon instead of 2 teaspoons, but the anise is quite faint.  So is the lemon, too, which is even more of a surprise.  I'll have to look for a new recipe that might make more of the anise flavor.

The only other thing I accomplished today was doing a load of laundry.  Maybe tomorrow I'll feel more lively.


  1. it's hard to be lively when it's snowing - and not the first snow either! One of these days I'm going to try making biscotti!! And isn't if funny you made a vegie quiche. I want to make one using cheese and turkey bacon (and onions and eggs and the rest of the usual stuff!!)

  2. A question: what do you do with a disappointing biscott? If I don't like something, I think it's wasted calories. It just sits in the freezer or refrigerator until I finally give in and throw it away, which I should have done in the first place.