Tuesday, February 18, 2014


Yesterday I didn't write because we were up late watching the Olympics; I just had to see the ice dancing final.  And of course, we did almost the same thing tonight not because we were riveted by the events (though interesting, none were sit-on-the-edge-of-our-chairs-worthy to us) but because our eyes were glazing over.  Okay, our eyes were drifting shut!

All that aside, the big news is Raking the Hay 2 is finally finished!  Whew, it took what seems to me to be a very long time, but I also feel I learned a lot.  Now I hope I can use what I learned in my next foray into watercolor.  One of the things I have learned is how valuable a tool this medium is for making studies of subjects before going into oils.  So, although I really want to get back to those oils, I will continue with the watercolors, also.

Here is the finished work:

Raking the Hay #2

Our grandson will be visiting for the rest of the week so if I don't get to "blog" you'll understand why.  Enjoy the coming warming weather!


  1. You just have to look at John Singer Sargent's watercolors as a young man to see how valuable the medium is to later oil paintings. I would like to try oils but hesitate to make the investment in money and time. I do find that painting gets me through the long winters. I realize that once spring arrives my garden will take priority for awhile. I guess it's good that there is never enough time to do everything. Keeps life interesting.

  2. My goodness, I said all that and never said how much I admire your "Raking the Hay." The farmer, his machine, and the piles of hay are spot on. You can really take pride in what you did. Well done.