Thursday, July 17, 2014

A New Quilt = New Beginning

No pictures today as I spent most of it at JQ in a class.  The pattern and the technique being taught today will become the basis of a wall hanging.  It will take some time and patience to complete as the piecing is quite tricky, and I've made it more difficult by using different fabrics in each block.  I've made a graph of where each block will go and considered the values carefully.  However, that won't mean much when its up on the design wall, and I realize that Black A looks terrible next to Block B.

Tomorrow ME and I go back to JQ for Quilt Camp (Friday - Sunday) which we always enjoy.  The timing is great because we will be able to spend time working on what we learned today while the teacher is working in the next room.  

Practice makes perfect, and in this case, practice may make better.

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