Monday, July 28, 2014

Street Musicians 2

Today I spent quite a bit of time trying to finish the tracing of my current drawing.  Actually, I had hoped to finish both the tracing and the transfer of the tracing to the watercolor paper.  The latter didn't happen.  It takes a remarkable amount of time to trace something that is a bit complex.  

The second day I worked on it, I wound up having to darken my drawing lines so I could see them through the tracing paper.  And that led to re-drawing areas with which I wasn't happy.  Below is the drawing as it was before the tracing started.

Today was day three (the almost final day), and here's what it looks like now:

There are now ten figures and one dog.  The background figures were drawn directly on the tracing paper and will be relatively indistinct in the final painting.  The figure behind the singer to the left (what was I thinking?) will most definitely be moved in the transfer to the watercolor paper.  He will be moved to the left and possibly back on the same line as the the other three on-lookers.

The singer must stand alone.

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