Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Heritage Tomatoes

This past weekend, D's sister A came for an overnight, and as usual she came with something marvelous to eat.  First, she brought the barbecued chicken dinner that we all love so much (thereby making sure no one had to cook - ideal guest that she is!). 

Second she brought a pint of heritage tomatoes.

I am a sucker for tomatoes of any kind; I don't care whether they are a fruit or a vegetable as long as they are edible (and not wax or plastic).  These are just beautiful, but we didn't eat them that weekend.

Yesterday D had his regular bonsai class at which he has supper. So although I mooned over these tomatoes, I was fair and eschewed eating even one.  However, tonight, I parceled out four of various colors for each of us.  

Let me tell you, there is a reason these tomatoes are still being grown.  

They are delicious; thank you, A!!!

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  1. those tomatoes look wonderful. I think you should put them in a pretty bowl and then paint a picture to put next to your peppers! I've met A and she's a very nice person. Has to be. She's a vet !!!