Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Chelsea #2

The first photo today should have been with yesterday's series on the Potters, but I overlooked it.  Frankly, I think the Fates are enjoying having me eat my words; yesterday I should have said that I don't ordinarily like lupines, but I'm close to changing my mind due to the colors in which they are now available (and I've had to say that in one form or another frequently in the England trip entries!).  Here again in this photo are lupines in a glistening white that would be stupendous in my white flower garden . . .  So instead of "Another view of the Potters' garden" I'll simply call it:

White lupines.

Ideas abounded in the Chelsea Garden show and one was unique/clever ways to show case plants, flowers, areas of garden, hardscape, etc.  The geometric shape formed by the pavers in the above picture is lovely.  That may be moss or creeping jenny or a sedum, I didn't take a note of it.

I think this would do nicely in my garden, don't you?

D was quite fascinated by these planting walls that we saw in several different places.  This one is a frees-standing wall with "pockets" constructed so plants can grow and water drain out of said pockets.  Lovely for height in the back of a garden, as a screen hiding oh, say, a garbage can, or as a stand alone for shade or just pleasure. 

A unique way to hang a planter - note the "ceiling" above; great for a garden party.

The two photographs above show ways to have standing planters with the planter itself hidden by the plants.  That would take a lot of advance planning!

Sigh.  Lupines again.  I like the colors in this one.

Now inside the BIG building to see plants out of a garden setting for the most part.

And one of my "must-haves" in next year's garden is this particular form of allium (all allium were very, very popular every where we went and with good reason).  This one, my favorite, is Allium schubertii.

Now I'm going a bit rose-mad . . .  bear with me.

Next time I go to tea, I want it to be like this - even the food was infused with roses.

Ah, a clematis; this one is "Empress".

This shrub (Ceanothus 'Concha') was all over the place, and I do mean all  over.  It is one I had never seen before and with that color I would have remembered.  We saw it spilling over walls almost everywhere we turned.

Such a little plant with such a BIG color!

Ah, the Bird of Paradise; isn't it lovely against the hot pink behind it?

The color and shape of this flower - well, it's just a knock-out!

And now, I think, this is really the end of the journal of England's Great Gardens.

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  1. Where do I start? That idea with pavers is really good and I like it. I'd plant taller flowers in it, however. the white lupine are especially pretty and belong in your front garden!! That orange rose - the middle of that is like nothing I've ever seen in a flower. Wonder if it would grow here?? If it did, I might have to give a rose bush another try. The bird of paradise is also wonderful !! What great memories you have (and photos to help those memories!)

    Thanks for my trip to England's best gardens!