Wednesday, July 16, 2014

New Painting

Well, it isn't actually a painting, yet, but I have started the studies for it.  It's complicated:

Here is Tuesday's work.  It's a pencil drawing that was started in class and continued at home.  The photo was taken in the evening so all I had was electric light.  The paper looks very peculiar, but at least you can see the subject - a group of musicians.

Tonight I added a few details and started work on the female singer/drummer.  I don't have the angle of her head right so it will have to go.  Tomorrow I will start over - she's also too close to the clarinetist - there's no room for her drum!  

The composition needs thinking about - there's a dog to add and the background hinted at.  The musicians may need to be spread out a bit even though this is the way they were seated when I took the original photo.  

I'll wait and see. As I said in the beginning of this entry - it's complicated.


  1. This is a phenomenal drawing. As far as spreading out the individual musicians, I like that they are playing as a closely linked group. To my eye the composition works. I agree, however, that the lead singer needs room. I look forward to seeing this work unfold. It really holds great promise.

  2. This is going to be a great painting and I, too, want to see it unfold. You definitely are one very talented woman!