Thursday, July 24, 2014

Quilt Camp - Final Day

The other room in JQ was equally productive as you will soon see.  I think I have more pictures of this room which is where I was sewing and could therefore snap photos as things went up and down the design wall. (Note to Self - Cell phone cameras are fine in a pinch, but for Quilt Camp take your big camera!)

This is "Swedish Doors", a donation quilt made by another S who had a great weekend working on different projects.

Here is a table runner she started a while ago, but I hadn't seen in its almost completed stage until now.  She brought it with her as she thought she had enough leftover fabric to make a couple of place mats.  

She was right; she did have enough after adding a little bit, and here's the center of one of them.  They're going to look great together!

I missed the first quilt P finished (she works quickly!), but I did get a picture of this one.  It's a version of pinwheels that I think is most effective.  Her border is perfect!

Then there's M (I love this photo!) who spent a lot of time working on this tumbler pattern.  By the time she was finished, it was really large - and gorgeous.  It's another classic and favorite of mine and many others.

Then she went on to work on this bold quilt (colors chosen by her husband) which could hardly be more different.  You can tell it's flannel - so rich looking!

Then our Queen of Table Runners finished these examples.  There were actually two of the Halloween version, but I could only get one without including a photo of the quilter (I promise everyone anonymity unless they grant me permission to use names or recognizable photos).  The one on the right is a very clever use of fabric - note the way the flags are waving all around the center and the outer sections.

And P put the binding on this Flag Day/July 4th celebration wall hanging that she had worked on earlier.  I really, really love bias-cut, striped bindings!

And since P still had time left she took out some of her "Marrakesh" blocks and started working on more of them.

L out did herself with this Migrating Geese quilt she's working on (you may not remember, but when she started quilting L worked solely in black and white!).  She did get quite a lot more done than this photo shows, but I took only this picture before it was off the design wall.

And I really wish I had been able to get a better look at this quilt of L's ("Gossip").  It, too, is from a previous Quilt Camp, but during this one, she put on the blue borders (with the old-fashioned phones) which made the quilt sing (or should I say "Chatter"?)!

Another M worked on this queen-sized quilt for her mom.  She struggled with this one and with her machine which became very tempermental for a while, but she persevered.  Won't her mom be thrilled with this lovely quilt! 

Here's a close up so you can see how pretty the fabrics are.

My table-mate, ME, worked like a busy bee all weekend and boy does she have quilts worth showing!  The above quilt is a cat pattern as you can see, but I never did find out the name of it.  It's an easy pattern that is more effective than one might think - especially when put together with ME's choices of sashing and border fabrics!  She's planning this one as a donation quilt even though she is such a cat lover herself!

And here is her red and white version of the "Disappearing Pinwheel".  This clever pattern turns a pinwheel block into a tiny pinwheel within a larger churn dash.  At first glance, one might not think these reds go together very well, but when the blocks are sewn together and the border is added - it's terrific!  It's planned to be a college quilt for a family member.

Finally, my work.  This is the result of a class I took on the Thursday before Quilt Camp; it didn't take me long to realize I'd better buy some fabrics for practice blocks.  The pattern, "Urban Nine Patch", is difficult, and I knew I ran the risk of making errors with my small supply of chosen materials.  So I bought some sale fabrics for the nine-patches and the background, added some batik for the rings and part of the half-square triangle, and a stripe for the rest of the half-square triangle.  I made part of one block during class and the rest of it and three more during the camp days.   My plan now is to complete a total of 12 blocks in the practice fabrics, and then return to the "real" fabrics for the wall hanging I intended to make in the first place.  Wonder how long all that will take?

Ah, the life of a quilter!


  1. It's so much fun looking back at what we did last weekend. And photographed, some of my reds are darker than I thought. Oh,'s being quilted now so no changes will be made. Your wedding ring is stunning - and I never would have chosen the tree fabric but it is great there!! Can hardly wait to see the practice piece done and then, of course, the real deal. And maybe some day I'll actually do the table runner I was thinking of doing!

  2. I'm confused. How can something so beautiful be a practice quilt? What happens to the practice quilt when you move on to the "real thing?":I'm impressed with how many beautiful quilts are turned out at your quilt camp. An amazingly talented group! Another question, where do donation quilts go?