Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Quilt Camp, Day 2

This is the quilt I featured on Facebook today.  Its colors and subtle prints make it quite a lovely piece.  I wish we could see the finished work.  Maybe I can coax S to send me a picture when it's finished?  Anyway, tomorrow you will see a very different quilt that uses similar fabrics (or were they the same? -  my memory is shorting out). 

This is "Labyrinth", a really great modern-looking quilt that P made.  Actually, she finished it the first day of Quilt Camp as she had it almost done when she came.  It's a striking quilt, P!  I made the designer's "Josephine's Knot" for my daughter, and now you've convinced me that I should make this one, too.

P also worked on this "braid" quilt.  Don't her colors look pretty draped over her sewing machine?

This quilt is a gift for a special person in P's life.  The bold braid will be in the center and the more subdued batik braids will be on either side.

P showed me the pattern cover when I asked her which of the "braid" patterns she was using.  Should have known it would be one of  Eleanor Burns' designs.  She has such a knack of simplifying traditional patterns.

My good friend D (of Urban 9-Patch fame) wowed us all again with this super quilt.  I love the fact that it reads more gray than black and white and that she used a red batik that appears different in each block.  Another gift quilt that will be very appreciated, I'm sure!

These little blocks are going to be part of a quilt intended for a special person in J's family.  The pattern comes from the Spring 2014 edition of Fons & Porter's magazine.  It's name is "Tribute to Mom".  I love the small scale pattern fabric J chose for the 1" squares.

A different M was working on her "Words to Live By" quilt.  She's putting together her half-square triangles.

I couldn't resist taking a photograph of her tub full to overflowing of  half-square triangles!  I wish I could say that I had at least begun this project, but I haven't, alas.

M said she hadn't done any wool work before the "Words to Live By" so she started with this 3-dimensional hydrangea project below to get some experience.  Isn't it lovely?

And judging by this block, M is going to have a stunning finished project - complete with half-square triangles - when she is done!

There were other people working in that room, but by the time I got around to snapping photos on Sunday, many of the projects had been put away.  

I'll have to start earlier in the weekend next time!

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  1. Great to revisit these quilts in progress. Lots of great stuff last weekend!