Monday, January 12, 2015

A Little of This and a Little of That

In a few more days if all goes as planned, I will be able to show the latest work that has kept me occupied the last couple of weeks.  Tomorrow I will take it in to the studio to see if I can sign it, and I'm feeling pretty good about it.  I do think I have saved it.

Then, now that the relative craziness of last week is over, I plan to pick up the latest "art quilt" project.  That will start by making some fabric - which, by the way, will be far less creative and interesting than it might sound.

In the meantime, since I haven't posted any interesting photographs in a while here's one of our breakfast fruit:

I had just washed the strawberries (which is why the leaves have been neatly pulled up) and cut  a few up for our morning oatmeal when I noticed the irregular pattern my choices had made.  The shape of this particular kind of strawberry has been fascinating me since we first purchased some this year.  Some almost look like radishes and some like . . . well, I don't know what.  But I do know they are very tasty.  Has anyone read or heard anything about this new strawberry?

Then I rinsed the blueberries.  

Such a pretty breakfast!

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  1. haven't heard anything about a new strawberry -- but I do notice they are tall and thin. Does that mean if we eat them we will be tall and thin? If so, I'll skip the grapes and go to the strawberries!!