Sunday, January 25, 2015

Knitting and Planning a Quilt

Guess I took the completion of one project to mean I could take a holiday from writing.  I have spent the intervening week taking another kind of break as well.  I haven't done any sewing - by hand or by machine - but I did knit.  The charcoal sweater is finished, and I blocked it today.  

It is a cardigan, and it is the first one I've made for an adult.  In a day or two, I'll be able to sew on the buttons above. I had laid the buttons out to find a pleasing order and put the heavy duty thread that I would need to use with them.  I intended to take a picture using my phone so I wouldn't lose the order if the table got bumped.  Then I noticed it made quite a pleasing picture for no special reason and so used a real camera!

While I didn't sew this week, I did join my art quilt group for something that turned out to be an amazing four hours.  I planned to sew the fore- and background together, and I asked for the opinions of the other women.  Carol suggested that I switch the two fabrics so I tried that and loved it!  Carolyn, however, wasn't so sure.  So we put it out on the floor and began talking, laughing, talking about designers, laughing some more, and previewing fabrics.  By the end of the day, I hadn't sewn a thing, and the plan for my quilt had happily been turned topsy-turvy.  

Keeping that last phrase in your mind, here is a photo of what I laid out on my floor when I came home.

You'll see that some fabrics were purchased on sale (on my way home) and still have tags on them.  You may even recognize that some are upholstery remnants from the depths of my crazy quilt bin.  In a wall hanging, one doesn't have to be quite so careful.

In this close up, you'll see things that you may think shouldn't be there.  That's why I took this photo; it gives me a way to see this "from an emotional distance".  Sometimes I get so excited about an idea that I lose perspective.  This helps.

Another thing that I find helpful is the real distance of time.  And that's what I gave myself this week. What I need to do this coming week is get to work on it!


  1. I was wondering when I'd have something to read again. That's a lot of different fabrics and it makes me wonder what your next project is going to be. I'm sure I'll see it evolve and it will be fun. And, yes, time is always a help to sorting out what you really want to do and how it will come together!

  2. Your layout, upper picture, is beautiful and feels like something is coming to an end. I can hear a heavy finally sigh, not happy and not sad, just over.