Thursday, January 8, 2015

Featured Speaker

Wow, what a high!  I just came back from a guild meeting at which I was the featured speaker; teaching school was too long ago to make me confident about this presentation.  But . . . this was such a good time; there's nothing like talking to people who share the same passions as one does. 

I was asked to make a presentation on embellishment; we all know how some people feel about that!  Bling doesn't belong on a quilt and all of that.  There's a place for tradition and there's a place for stretching the boundaries a little.  Here's the thing - every single person in that audience was polite and engaged.  They were all willing to hear what I had to say.

I am sure that not everyone was ready to go home and put Swarovski crystals on their quilts, but they were polite and extremely kind.

What more can a speaker ask?  

I belong to a great guild!


  1. You lit up so many lives tonight. Embellishing will forever be a beautiful word to this guild. Definition of embellishing...Noel Payton. It was wonderful last night, you should be exceptionally proud of what you presented to the guild.

  2. I was a bit nervous for you but I shouldn't have been. As soon as you got out the first sentence I knew you would be fine. Your presentation was professional !!! And it was great !! And I really should get out of my own way and learn that less isn't always better!!