Thursday, January 29, 2015

Finished with Curtain

Yesterday's entry was about the curtain I was making for the downstairs bathroom. A third good day of sewing and the curtain is finished.

Here you see the trees that because of the curtain you can't see through the window!

At first I thought that even with the purple tree (unfortunately, I couldn't get the color correct in this photo; it really is a purple tree not blue), I would make the trees realistic.  The colors I chose initially were all green, but when I previewed them they looked dull and insignificant on the green background.  That made me think it could be a fall scene with orange and yellow.  Those fabrics came out next.  Then I started to have fun - stripes and tiny patterns began to appear followed by  a honeycomb (now that was a deliberate visual joke, a tongue-in-cheek reference to the pastel paper I used and didn't like).  This still could be a fall scene, but there are quiet smiles to be had, too, I hope.

It's not a work of art meant to be taken seriously - it's just supposed to be as much to look at as it was to make.

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