Monday, January 26, 2015

Vagaries of Winter Weather or Pity the Poor Meteorologist

Will it; won't it?  Will the snow slam us, or will we be spared?  We are ready, but part of that readiness was a cancelled by instructor studio class and a cancelled by me quilt shop class.  Now with the uncertainty regarding the weather forecast, I am sorry those classes are now out of reach.

Oddly enough, I have started listening to a book that is set in Alaska, and if that weren't enough, at this point in the story it is winter in Alaska!  Any time I am inclined to whimper about winter (which isn't often), I'll have to remember the description of the wind as it is in that book!

Anyway, the up side of this down time, is that I was able to make the sample block of the guild's Block of the Month for February.  I really like this one and try to remember to post a photo after the guild's meeting.  While I'm glad I got that done, I'm even more happy to have gotten back to the curtain for the downstairs bathroom.

There's a photo on my phone that I forgot to upload today, and I haven't written about that curtain.  I think it's worth discussing so that will be the subject for tomorrow.

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