Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Transformation of a Simple Curtain

When we updated our kitchen the downstairs bathroom was included.  D refused to let me have the walls repainted because he didn't want my old, old stenciling covered.  The point is the bathroom has a split personality: stenciled walls, painted sky ceiling, and cherry cabinet, and quartz counter.  Hmmm, right?  

Wait, there's more; D hung the two New Orleans water colors in that bathroom (I am serious that we don't have very much wall space).  The old curtains were tossed, and recently we discovered that the bathroom window lets in sun that shines directly on French Quarter Notes.  A very not good thing.  So I said I'd make new curtains to cover that window.  It wasn't a big thing; the window is only 24.5" x 29.5".  I found a green batik in my stash that would do the trick for a single layer covering.  I wanted filtered light to make its way in.  Once up, that's the way it stayed for a week and a bit.

One day I walked in and saw that piece of fabric hanging in the window and thought that it needed something.   That's when I took it down, went upstairs, cut some free-hand shapes in colors I thought would work in the space (if one could overlook the walls and ceiling - hah!).  The fact that I didn't plan this and draw it out before even starting is a very big change for me.  Another sign of loosening up and getting freer. I sewed trees on the lower left and went downstairs and hung the curtain.

Another few days went by, and it looked stodgy which made me itchy.  I recognized I  needed to do more and loosen up with the colors, too.  So more trees for the upper right including a purple one.  Here's what I put up.  There are pins to form both the top rod pocket and the bottom hem as I hadn't had time to complete the job before the desire to see it in place overwhelmed the need to have a finished product.

Fascinating? No.  But I liked it.

For a while.

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