Monday, April 11, 2016

Daily Doings

Busy day today as it is Monday, my traditional day for laundry and house "stuff".  After starting said laundry, we hared off to a copy center to have my latest quilt plan/sketch re-sized (ever so much easier than trying to enlarge myself).  The original was 17" x 21" or something odd like that.  In the beginning I wasn't very enthusiastic about my idea so I just grabbed a piece of 24" x 36" newsprint, folded and tore it until it was a more manageable size for what I had in mind.   By the time I finished, though, I really liked my idea and wished I'd left the paper alone.  Hence my trip to the copy center where they will return it to 24" x 36". Ironic, right?  They will also make a few more copies so I can cut elements out to use as patterns for fabric pieces if I want. They just couldn't do it today.

Then it was grocery store time to purchase various necessaries for a dinner for D.  He saw a recipe in our newspaper that simply cried out to be made (I agreed with him).  As a result, tomorrow he will be served Cheesy Grits with Shrimp, cornbread, and asparagus.  His choice for dessert is bread pudding - in the oven even as I write.

I also worked on a simple project that has been very recalcitrant.  The first time I tried to get it going, I ran out of the desired fabric.  Really???  She who buys fabric by the yards didn't have enough?   Hard to believe, isn't it?  But it happened.  Yesterday I bought a coordinating (I originally typed "cooperative"- good word for this instance even though not quite right!) fabric, and the work began this afternoon.  Hmmm.  The sewing machine had issues (snippet of thread caught in its innards), I had issues (failed to cut all needed pieces), and pieces cut properly didn't feel like playing in this game.  

Bah, humbug!

Oh well, the loads of laundry were done, bed changed, phone calls made, and, as I said earlier, the bread pudding is in the oven (sans topping - ran out of sugar - sigh).  

Another day marches off into the Past claiming victory over me.  

That's okay, though, I stuck out my tongue as it went by.

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  1. love when that type of day is over -- but you did accomplish some things and that's good!! Hope you are enjoying D's birthday and that he is, too !!!