Friday, April 22, 2016

Quick Notes

I am so lucky to have such a varied group of dear friends!  You've heard about the two friendship groups ( art quilt friends and quilting friends), our (D's and mine) family, and my school friends.  

Today I met two of my very closest school friends - women I have known through my 20 years of teaching and the years of retirement since then.  One of those two I have spent years with - teaching a combined Social Studies/English course and the years following her retirement (she left before I did) taking the YA class together.  The other woman has a daughter the same age as mine, and as she reminded me, she still remembers standing on the stairs at school, crying as we compared notes on our young adolescent daughters. 

First we had to exchange some Christmas gifts.  Yes, I can hear you!  I said Christmas, and it's almost the end of April, but that's what happens with long-time friends who have busy lives in different locations.  Christmas, birthdays,any celebrations: you grab them when you can, when the time is right for you to be in the same place at the same time.  That's what we did first thing.  

Then - second, we went to our favorite restaurant for lunch.  One had the special omelet, another had the special quiche, and I had the special grilled mahi mahi salad.  We were there for 2- 3 hours eating good food and enjoying catching up on others not present - follow teachers and former students.  We exchanged our own news and laughed over what's happening as we get older.  Then they drove me home and rode off - all of us still laughing.

Friends . . . how lucky I am to have them all!

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  1. friends are so very important and it's wonderful that you have a couple good groups of them!!