Sunday, April 10, 2016

Dry Tortugas - Fort Jefferson

Okay, I am sure that at some time or another, I have indicated that I'm not a real fan of forts.  When left to wander on my own and look at a fort as simply another architectural wonder, I do all right.  If, however, a fort visit includes a guided tour with lots of talk about weapon storage, battles, munitions, numbers, etc, I try to sneak away.  Unless it's a truly ancient fort.  

Anyway, at Fort Jefferson on the Dry Torturgas, I was able to sneak about looking for good photographic material - starting when we got off the boat.  The first group of pictures will be birds - and the color of the water:

Pelicans may not be the loveliest of birds, but their plummage and its color make a wonderful contrast with this beautiful water.

This next one is a favorite of mine.  It's an accidentially wonderful composition including, I think, a black-headed plover.  Gorgeous blue water, waterlogged wood, and  a random twig added to the overall effect.  I know, the yellow paint also is a plus!

Then there are the photos from the inside of the fort.  There were several taken from inside the walls looking out through the gun portals (very few cannons around any more).

I like the fact that I have both a fort picture and a bird photo all in one in this next one.

The last one - well, I do wish the weather had been better (so did D who had a rocky stomach on the boat ride getting to this island) because this would have been prettier.  But it wasn't so it isn't.  You can see the ocean and the fort in the background, the lighthouse in the middle distance, and the flag in the foreground.

Actually, if you ever get the chance to visit this fort (on a nice day with calm seas!), I recommend that you do so.  It really has a very interesting history.

Okay, so I admitted it.

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  1. I see several paintings in those photos. Beautiful water and I like the pelicans!