Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Venice is a Go

Much scurrying around ensued this morning as D continued to try to find a ride to the polls (an activity he began last night), and I tried to get my gear together for art class.  He finally asked our next door neighbor who had returned home from his early morning workout in time for D to ask him for a ride.  So even though I had called Sharon to tell her I might be as much as an hour late in order to get D to his job at the polls, I was able to get to class almost on time!

I was very, very glad to get there early because although she found no fault with the perspective of the major building on the left, she did have a few issues with the open shutters in the building beyond it, and I had to agree with her.  It did take take turning the drawing upside down for me to fully appreciate what she didn't like about them (sometimes I can be too wedded to my own idea/s to see what someone else means), but once we did that, I concurred and erased the offending shutters.  Then there were some questions about the buildings behind the bridge, and again I agreed and added or subtracted where needed.  The final discussion we had was about the placement of the figure on the bridge.  While she/he is not smack in the middle of the sketch, she/he is in the middle of the bridge which made me a little uncomfortable.  The decision was that the figure is all right where it is, but the umbrella will have to be moved a bit.  Right now the back of the open umbrella lines up exactly with the edge of one of the buildings - not a good thing.  When I do the tracing and transferring of the picture onto tracing paper and then on to watercolor paper, the umbrella will be moved a bit.

After that, I spent my remaining time testing color mixes for the buildings.  Haven't gotten the right mixes yet, but at least I know which ones don't work.

I stopped in to vote on my way home and found the polling place busy but not swamped; they'd only been open about 20 minutes.  Then off to buy fruit and eggs before going home.  It's been a quiet rest of the day.  I finished taking out the last of the quilting on the Vermeer quilt and after some research found both the best way and the best design to stitch in the now non-quilted areas.  

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  1. sounds like you made progress which is always a good thing!