Monday, April 25, 2016

More Spring Cleaning

No pictures today either, and once I explain, you wouldn't want to see them if I took any.  Our final (I certainly hope!) renovation was expected to begin today, but it's cold with rain scheduled for early tomorrow morning into the day, there will be no excavating.

I'm not too disappointed as it gives me at least two more days before things begin.  It's also laundry day, so I decided to spend the entire laundry time in the basement clearing the wall near the excavating (men will need access for heating ducts, electrical thingummies, and other arcane stuff).  We went through some of this when the studio was built, and someone had the brilliant idea to move the furnace (which, to be fair, was a very good idea).  At that time, we already had a ctidy basement and didn't have to do much other than making sure nothing got in the way - or so we thought.  

After that work, the basement was a royal mess.  Turns out more things had to be moved because there was so much that had to be re-wired, re-this and re-that due to excessive age and/or overly economical building in the first place.  Be that as it may, I admit that after that project we didn't immediately rush down to pick up.  We've dilly-dallied, made sporadic forays, pushed things around, and basically ignored the job until now.

Now I am not only tidying (which wouldn't have taken that much time despite what I've said); I am also sorting, re-organizing, and/or throwing away.  That always takes more time than I plan.  Doesn't matter as it's almost done.

What I have to do next is start on the family room.  There's not much of a mess in here, but there is a lot, really a lot of things that need to be removed.  

If you move something, you have to put it somewhere else.

What do you think?  


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  1. Basement? No, cause no matter how you planned and placed things, the workers will have to move something (even if it's for fun and they just want to mess with you) Dining room? It's a while before another holiday and the work should be done by then!!