Thursday, May 26, 2016

Busy Times

Today wasn't either.  No sewing at all, but quite a bit of errand running of the regular every day type (including a hair cut) and construction busy-ness.  Among the errands was the finding and purchasing of both lights for above the vanity in the new bathroom as well as faucet and taps for the sink.  

The latter accomplishment made me very happy because when I returned home I received a phone call from UPS alerting me to the impending delivery (tomorrow) of the 243 lb vanity. Wow!  I had no idea a vanity 36" x 22" x 36" could be so heavy!  It must be the travertine top and the solid wood (no particle board thank heavens).

In the house D helped me move some furniture from near the sofa so tomorrow the men can get to the it to move it out and into the garage.  Then, of course, I had to vacuum all around the sofa and every nook and cranny of the sofa I could get to.  It needs to look its best so the Salvation Army will accept it.  If they give a thumbs down it'll be off to the dump.  I really hope they take it because I think there is still comfort and life left in it.

Tomorrow I have to find some Swarovski crystal and find time to fix what went wrong yesterday with the quilt.  Then on to the next item on that list.


  1. you may not have accomplished anything on the quilt - but you did get a lot of necessary stuff done. Hopefully you will get lots more accomplished this weekend !!

  2. Good luck on the Salvation Army. When we moved from High Street, I had a brown velvet sofa that was in excellent condition except for a little fading on the side facing the window. Salvation Army rejected it. So we took the sofa with us when we moved and had to watch it being crushed in the dumpster.