Monday, May 30, 2016

Weekend News

I hope everyone had a wonderful weekend!  Our visit with SIL A was a pleasure as always.  I did not go with them to plant flowers in on the graves of their family because I really hoped to be able to complete the work on my quilt.  I missed a good time with them, but they were both very understanding.  My pay back will be to research appropriate hostas for planting next year.

While they were gone, I did get the quilt almost finished.  It had everything but the animals on it, all the quilting complete, borders cut, and binding finished.  Today I put the animals on and stitched down some edges.  Next I have to make and attach the sleeve and the label.  After those chores are done, I will add the crystals and call it well and truly done.

Since it is a Challenge Quilt, I don't feel I can show a photo of it yet.  However, D pointed out that our peonies in the back (behind the gaden and lilac hedge) are in bloom.  Since we can't really see them, I went back there with my snips and here they are:

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  1. congratulations on getting so much done on your quilt. And the flowers are beautiful !!!