Sunday, May 22, 2016

Lucky 13???

Have you ever worked on something for what seems to be a long time only to sit back and realize that it doesn't seem if any work has been done at all?  That's the way it's going with the quilting project.

This afternoon as I was having lunch (yes, I do allow myself to take a break), I decided to make a list - you know I love lists - of all the things I have yet to finish as far this quilt goes.  I had 13 items on that list.

Then I went back upstairs and got back to work.  When D came home at 5:30 I was finishing what I was working on.  But before I went downstairs to make dinner, I took out the list and crossed off . . . wait for it . . . one item.

Then I realized I had forgotten to put an item on that list.

I'm back to a list with 13 items!

1 comment:

  1. Good thing you have until June 10th. Hope the remaining items go quickly !!