Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Today was not Yesterday

Today was not yesterday - hmmm, sound peculiar?  If you look at yesterday's entry and think about what I accomplished and then re-read that first sentence, you will know what kind of day today was.

After doing a little bit in the family room (and I do mean "little"), D and I went off to find LED lights for the overhead cams and a fan.  Since Joann's was in the same area, I stopped in for some beads and Swarovski crystals both for the quilt I'm working on and pearls for the crazy quilt block.

I found beads that are acceptable and pearls that will do, but it appears that Joann's is no longer carrying the Swarovski crystal.  What?  No crystals?  Fortunately I do know of a few other local sources, but really - How can it be called a craft store with no decent crystals?   That was a major disappointment.

Then we went to the lights and fan store.  D wandered off to find someone who could find the lights he wanted (none on the shelves to which we had been directed) so I found the fans.  I was still walking up and down the fan section waiting for something to leap off the shelves or flash strobe lights from the hanging fans to catch my attention when D came to get my opinion on LED lights.  Did you know there are now four different kinds of light given off by LED bulb?  Now that was no fun! We decided to go home and find out what kind we bought for the kitchen and find a fan on line.

As soon as we finished lunch, the workmen told us not to use water for a while.  Ha!  So I went up to the studio and promptly got to work on the List.  At 6:00 I realized that the section I was working on looking awful.  I took the quilt off the machine and turned it over to snip some bobbin threads and discovered that the sewing in the section done first today had a real problem with tension.  Those bobbin threads were huge loops.  So that had to come out also.  All sewing I did today needs to be taken out.  A wasted day.

So one good day followed by one bad one.  I hope that is enough of that!

Except there was one good thing that happened today - I now have a tooth in the formerly empty space in my jaw.  That I was an excellent thing!  It almost makes up for the rest.

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  1. you got your TOOTH !!!!! That's a really good day and the heck with the rest!! Hurray!!!!