Thursday, October 6, 2016

Brief Return to Normalcy

Made a good start at cleaning up, organizing, and putting away a lot of things that had been stored in that room during the renovation and re-decorating.  That took a surprising length of time.  Even though I was interrupted by visitor, I feel a lot was accomplished,  

Then shortly after the visitor left, our three new chairs arrived (finally) and that took all my attention for the next little bit of time.  Even though I knew where to have the chairs placed, there was then the need to rearrange other things. 

Then I decided it was time for a bit of slightly more creative fun.  Earlier in the day, D showed me a box he found that was marked "Autumn".  Opening it, I found some of my more favorite fall and Halloween decorations that I had used in school.  There were the things I thought had been lost in a mix up in school years ago.  What a pleasure!  So I took out some of the things I really liked and added them to a few of the things I regularly put about and -

It was good to get back into some usual pursuits.

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  1. and they look great. Bet it's feeling really good to have things back in place!!