Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Train Trestle in Autumn

D is a very accommodating individual.  Last night I suggested a difficult morning schedule than usual simply so I could take a photograph when the light was right and before the rain (if it happens) tomorrow causes the leaves to fall.  A monkey wrench in the plan was we thought we might have a workman coming today -  naturally at an unknown time. 

But we decided to go with it.

Up at 6:30, garbage out, walk the usual route, eat breakfast, and zippity-doo-dah off to take pictures.  Ironically, although I had worried that I might lose the angle of the sun I hoped to get, we were actually a bit early.  We could have delayed maybe about half an hour for the sun to rise over the woods up on the hill.  However, I do have a good imagination if I have to use it, and there is always a possibility that there will be no rain or that the rain will not cause leaves to drop.

You've seen this setting before, but here are the ones I took this morning.  This first one - oh my, where to start.  Okay, from the top down . . The sky is October blue with wonderful flecks of clouds.  They look like wings, don't you think?  The right-hand side shows it was in the direct path of the sunlight; the trees, while not in full fall color, are bright and eye-catching.  Then there is the reflection; it's crystal clear and stunning.  The rocks in the foreground are in shadow but have wonderful cracks and fissures with growing plants giving a touch of green.  

Then I took one of the shady side. That it is angled differently is obvious from the clouds. Now we have only the light feathers on the left without the right hand wing.  By looking at the trees on the left, you have even more evidence that I was too early.  These trees have barely begun to turn.  But in this view you get a nice look at the rocks hillside from the water up to the trestle itself.  

It is such a lovely place, and I want to paint it.  I think that an autumn approach would be the best.  Of course, I haven't seen it in deep winter.

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  1. French's Hollow? If not, it's still a beautiful sight!