Sunday, October 23, 2016

Progress on Several Fronts

Last night we went to a 50th wedding anniversary party, and it was a wonderful time.  Our friends were dressed to the nines, the tables had beautifully arranged roses, sunflowers, chrysanthemums and greenery, and the cocktail du jour was champagne and apple cider.  The latter may sound awful but was very tasty indeed.  Their children were all there (as well the surprise appearance of the son and grandson from California) as were the grandchildren, friends from their professional days, members of their bridal party, and a few of us from the bonsai society.  I mention all this because what struck me the most was that this could have been a very formal and stilted party.  Instead the evening was full of laughter, hugs, kisses, children darting about, conversation, and great food.  Just what any anniversary party should be!

Today I was bound and determined to get the dining room back in order.  That meant I had to clear  space in the basement to store the bins which had been in the dining room since the construction began last May (!).  That organizing in the basement was easily done; things had been shifted about to allow the builders and plumbers access to the crawl space under the Garden Room and the well so it really didn't take me long to put things back where they should be.  

D had to sort through those bins that were still in the dining room as only one was mine (mostly empty as it is for the Halloween decorations in the off season) which he did without complaint.  After putting the rug back in front of the washer and drier (moved for the workers), he carried those bins downstairs and piled them neatly.  Naturally, since I had to make room for them, I also had to rearrange the drying racks - which made me think I might as well do the laundry today rather than wait until my usual Monday routine.   

Now the dining room is tidy and the laundry is done.  That means that tomorrow is a free day!  Time to organize an unfinished quilt so I can continue to work on it and be ready take it with me in November to complete at a quilting retreat.  Also, I'd like really like to do some work on the studies for my next painting.  It would be great to be able to start the first study of the entire scene on Tuesday instead of continue working on just the sky.

We'll see what gets done . . .

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  1. Today is your fun day. Enjoy it and I hope you get lots accomplished cause you sure did yesterday!!