Thursday, October 13, 2016

Daughter's Exciting Day

Great excitement in this family.  Yesterday we received a very excited text from our daughter telling us that for the first time in her life she'd won something.  Okay, I thought. "Maybe she's won a $25 dollar lottery ticket. or a basket of wine and fruit, or maybe even a turkey for Thanksgiving.  

We had to wait a while until she was able to call us before we could learn what was going on.  Of course, we tried to figure it out (D had his own guesses - including a shopping spree in a local Dollar Store).  We were pretty flummoxed because our daughter isn't a big one for buying lottery or raffle tickets.

As it turned out, she had bought a raffle ticket.  At long last when she called, she made sure I put her on speaker so both of us could hear.  I won't tease you with the build up she tortured us with, but she finally told us she had won four tickets to a nearby (for her) professional football game.  Not only did she win tickets, she won four seat seats in a Time Warner suite! 

At first she was going to give two tickets to her son's best friend and the friend's father (a die-hard fan of the team) and another friend.  Finally she decided to be a bit more "selfish" and go herself.  That was a decision we applauded for many reasons.

As another chapter in this saga, I texted her and told her she'd have to take lots of photos.  Here's the text she sent in reply:

How I laughed!  But you have to admit that even though the photo isn't sharp, it will make a great first page in a Shutterfly book.

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