Sunday, October 2, 2016

Quilt Show: A Thank You Note

One of the Guilds to which I belong had its quilt show this weekend.  It is a massive undertaking as the members of the guild do all the organization and work.  Members earn dollars off their entrance fee by contributing "sweat equity" (hence my day spent working with the judges).  And I saw many, many members gladly contributing their time.

The result this year was a show that went as smoothly as butter on hot toast (or so it seemed to me) and was (again in my opinion) a great show that presented the creativity and superb workmanship of many of our members.  Everyone was smiling and welcoming from those who sold tickets to the women who sat and stitched to illustrate what a quilter actually does to the hostesses in the hospitality room to the "white glove" ladies who cheerfully and enthusiastically showed off various aspects of the quilts to . . .well, the list goes on and on.

As always, special kudos to all of those who shouldered the lion's share of the pre-planning, physical labor, and organization.  It takes a lot of time for months beforehand up to the end of the last day and even into the days following when tying up loose threads is necessary.

If I had had my thinking cap on, I would have taken pictures of those wonderful people working. Instead I was seduced by the sea of color and texture which I would love to share, but I didn't ask any of the ladies if that would be all right with them.

Maybe next time!

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  1. You could have shared yours last night. You have my permission to share my quilts! But first we should be treated to the superior award quilt - and that is YOURS !!!

    PS. Apparently some of MiMi's hair remained on the black quilt!