Thursday, October 27, 2016

Boiled Eggs

Well, wasn't this a day of surprises!  Even though there were some conflicting weather forecasts, we knew that there might be rain and some scattered, incidental flurries that wouldn't amount to a great deal.  There were also probably updates that we didn't hear as the day progressed (we are not daytime TV watchers).  Whatever the reason, we were surprised by the snow - enough to coat the ground, make leaves fall faster than they already were, and possibly will cause branches to come down also.

And because I wasn't ready for it, I took no photos.  Darn it!

Well, in the morning we did get our get to the library, bank, art store (to pick up the framed "Rustic Hillside"), and then the grocery stores (we visited two of them).  As we drove home, it was clear that the roads were slippery.  That determined going out after lunch to finish the errands before the roads became worse.

Basically, that was the main thrust of our day.  Oh yes, I know things had to be done, but therefore, neither D nor I were able to get much of anything else accomplished.  I blocked the sleeves of my orange sweater and . . . what was it now?  Oh yes . . . .

I boiled some eggs.


  1. the snow was lovely, wasn't it? I think we really have differing opinions on snow these days. I'm still NOT a fan!

  2. I'm shocked to hear that you had snow. A number of the plants that by this time become liquid mush from the frost are persistently holding on. I vow that at least I will bring in my winter clothing from the garage today anticipating cold weather (by January??).