Thursday, October 20, 2016

Rain for Good Garden Luck and a Matinee

What a wonderful day; we had a really good rainfall!  Funny that I want the rain - especially because I was going out?  Just remember those 263 bulbs I just planted, and you'll understand.

D had another commitment so I was on my own.  It was already raining as I set out for the theater, but the traffic was light so I had no trouble getting there when I wanted.  The problem was the garage.  You know how it is when it starts out iffy before you're even in the garage?  That's how it was - men with cones and hand held signs, other men with electric vests over their suits with money in their hands, and car after car turning around and heading out.  What was that all about?  

Turns out I didn't have any problem; I told them I wanted to park in the garage and they just said, "Okay!  It's free."  Believe me, I was confused, but I took them at their word and hustled myself (car and all) into the garage.  Of course, since there was a production that day at the local theater, I had to drive around and around up and up level by level - with cars in front of me also looking for parking spaces.  Luck was on my side and a space opened up before I hit the roof. Whew!

It was pouring but I had my hooded rain jacket with me so I hustled off to the restaurant to meet my friends.  It was an Asian fusion cuisine featuring seafood and vegetarian (I'm not a veggie but I love the food).  All of us chose some type of seafood cooked with mango. It was delicious!

Then on to the show.  I believe it was a full house for this matinee performance of "American in Paris"  The music was as expected, the story too, the costumes a lot of fun, but for me the sets and the dancing stole the show.  It was a light-hearted musical that made everyone in the house give a standing ovation.  Very well done.

Now tomorrow is almost completely free, and I know what I am going to do. Wish me luck!

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