Friday, January 12, 2018

A Brief Stint as a Sports Writer

I'm back again.  After my last entry D and I went to see a UCONN women's basketball game.  Given their history, you won't be surprised to read that UCONN won.  What you will be surprised to read is that they played what our group thought was a very sloppy, uncharacteristically bad game.  SiL A. with whom we went to the game voiced her concerns first.  After only a minute or two, D & I agreed with her.  Their upperclasswomen who are among their first string players were missing shots and passes, making fouls, playing defense in a way viewers are not used to seeing, and a number of other out-of-character problems.  

All that said, the University of Central Florida team played amazing defense!  They were glued to their assigned UCONN players and during most of the first half, they kept UCONN from scoring with ease.  I do think they were hampered by their coach's (a former UAlbany coach) habit of whistling at her players which caused several on the team to stop in their tracks, turn to their coach, get her instructions, and then return to play.  They earned three shot-clock violations by the end of the game so I hope she can train them to make some good play decisions on their own.

However, despite my "oh-so-professional-assessment ", UCONN won by almost 40 points (80 - 44).

The next day we took D's sister's advice and went to visit a wonderful museum about which I will write more next time.

On our way home, I fell victim to a stomach ailment which is why I haven't written since we returned,

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  1. I hope your tummy bug is gone by now. And I want to hear about the museum!!