Sunday, January 7, 2018

One Word

We were fortunate to have SiL A with us for New Year's Eve and Day, and at one point, the subject of resolutions came up.  If you've read this blog for a while, you know that my ability to keep resolutions is dismal at best.  It isn't even so much that I decide not to keep them as it is that I forget them.  And that means - they aren't important to me.

Anyway, A said she gave up on making resolutions long ago as "they are doomed to failure".  Instead she said she finds a significant word and lets that guide her through the year.  As this year of her retirement will see her moving from the cold to a warmer climate and closer to another sibling, her word for this year is "Adventure".  Wow, perfect word!  First there's the move, and second, she and her sister have a big trip planned. 

I stood there for a moment after commenting on the appropriateness of her choice, and then a word popped into my head.  "Completion".

This is my year to complete some of the things I have started.  I'd already started on that when my friend and I started sharing a monthly list of projects.  So far I've done pretty well on that even though I discovered that a list in December doesn't work.  I'd like to continue the monthly list and focus on completion.

Here's January's list which was developed last week.  This month there is no special order even though I number them:

  1. Put the binding on "Snow Days" quilt
  2. Finish "Farmer's Wife" quilt
  3. Work on Barbara's crazy quilt block
  4. Work on Migration sweater
  5. Sort two more bins

That will keep me busy this month, and even if I don't finish everything, I will have brought these projects closer to Completion!

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