Wednesday, March 19, 2014

A Day in the Life of Our Kitchen

The stove is in place and in working condition.  So even though as it turns out, the dishwasher can't be used, I am thrilled that all is coming together and that I can use the kitchen!!!  For the most part - for the important parts.

Some detail work was done today and a lot more painting.  This cold weather is not helping the painting as is doesn't dry as quickly as it would on warmer days.  I am finding the plain white walls just so restful, bright, and a lovely foil for all the rich cabinet and floor colors.

One huge thing that was done today was the man came to make the templates for the counter tops!  It was fascinating to see how they do it.  I had visions of someone with a roll of brown paper, a big carpenter's pencil, and a tape measure.  No way!  It's done with laser and computer - well, I shouldn't have been surprised, right; what was I thinking?  We were also asked several questions about the kind of edge we wanted, whether we wanted the edge of the sink to show (it's an under-the-counter-mounted-sink), and our answers were recorded to prevent any problems.  With the expense of stone and the labor involved, it's a smart thing to do that.  

Also, two left over projects on the studio were taken care of today.  Actually, only one was left over, and that was the second design wall fabric.  It was added to what I have already, and it now goes from one wall to the next at a right-angle.  That may sound strange, and it would be easier if it could have gone straight, but with the huge windows I requested, there just isn't enough room on a single wall.  This way I have more design wall space, and it's all usable just a bit quirky.  The other was having a second slat-wall mounted (a more attractive version of pegboard).  We had a lot left over after the first was put up, and it's so useful that I thought I might as well have it put in also.  Of course, then I had to order more hanger-thingies some of which are pricey, but as an organizational tool for items like my rulers, it's indispensable.

The only down-side is the dishwasher which we'll have to check on that tomorrow.  Hey, at least I can wash dishes in the kitchen sink instead of the upstairs bathtub!

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  1. I guess you're really waiting until the kitchen is done to show us photos! I thought they'd show up with a role of brown paper, too! But sounds like they have a better method of doing things. Can hardly wait to see it totally finished!!