Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Felled by a Faulty Brain

Sometimes it seems as though the little tasks I think will be the easiest to get done become mountains when my back is turned or in this case, when my brain is turned off.  Today was the day I thought I would be able to sew the binding on a quilt that has had to sit and wait while other more pressing jobs around the house were taken care of.  After all, thought I to myself, sewing binding on isn't either hard or time consuming.  As a result, I spent this morning doing ordinary chores around the house and organizing some projects and their assigned fabrics in my studio.


First I discovered that the binding I had already made was only half as much as I needed; what was I thinking?  Of course, my dread was that I didn't finish making the binding because I had run out of the material.  Luckily that was not the case.  After uncovering the binding material in my closet, I cut, sewed, ironed, and then attached the new pieces to the existing piece.  Now I was ready to whip this little job up and get it done in an hour.  Ha!

The pinning and sewing didn't really take that long, but the interruptions were plentiful so it did take longer than the allotted hour.  What made it even worse was me.  Sewing the binding ends together has always seemed to me to be one of those inside-out, upside down, and backwards sort of things that my brain doesn't take to kindly.  I always have to check the picture then ponder and puzzle over it a few times before I can get it right.  Of course, with the move into my studio, some of my basic references have been misplaced.  The photos with clear explanation that I had run off the computer some time ago is not where it should be.  In its place was a different one that I couldn't make head or tail of.

Aha, computer, You-Tube!  Phooey.  Even though I found what I thought was a very good explanation, I finally had to stop the video at every step, run back into the studio to try to complete the step as shown while mentally reversing the video which was taped from the viewer's point of view (in other words, not from the sewer's point of view).  How silly is that?  Finally, by late afternoon the light dawned in my little pea-brain, I realized which critical step I hadn't been doing, corrected myself, and finished attaching the binding to the FIRST SIDE!  

I decided that was enough sewing for today.  I did go ahead and pin the binding to the other side so all I have to do tomorrow is stitch it in place (I'm using the machine and a decorative stitch instead of hand-stitching this one).  You can be sure it will be the first thing I do tomorrow, though!

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  1. Ah, yes. That last step can be a killer - so close and yet.........