Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Silver Lining

Thanks to all who wished me well!  I am on the road and expect that today will be my last day of feeling washed out.  It certainly had better be as I have a lot to do (like everyone else) and can't continue to sit around blowing my nose.

Besides - tomorrow is guild day, and I will be there so I have to be well!

Today was an ┼▒ber quiet day construction-wise.  One man came and slapped a second coat of goop (aka "mud" in construction language) on the tape that covers the seams in the dry wall.  Each application (and there are many) has to sit, untouched, until it is really dry.  Then they put on another layer, and the whole process repeats itself.  A tedious process.

However, on the up side, we actually had scallops tonight  Thank all the goddesses of microwaves!

See, there's always an up side.

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  1. and when the microwave first came out - I thought it was an expensive toy that I would only use for heating water quickly. How soon we forget!! And real food is truly wonderful !!