Monday, March 17, 2014

Spring Training in Port Charlotte, FL

Not everyone is a baseball fan so I won't show you all the photographs I took while on our most recent trip.  I did select about 10 to put on view this evening, but luckily for you, several did not make the trip to the folder I thought I had selected.  And fortunately for me, the three that traveled to their appointed place are decent pictures to share.

All of these were taken in Port Charlotte where we saw a game between the Tampa Rays and the Minnesota Twins.  The first shot is fun because I actually got the baseball coming in.  Don't ask who was up because I'm not sure.  I think it might have been Longoria. 

The next is of Price, the very tall and slim pitcher.  If you look at his stance (he had just released the ball), you can see how pitchers have to torque their bodies even after the ball has left their hands.  It's a wonder they can play for more than a few seasons!

And the last is of one pair of ospreys at their nest.  I think it was at this park that we saw several nests.  

The tall poles almost always had platforms for the birds to use for nesting. So if the game gets dull one still has something to watch!

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