Monday, March 3, 2014

Kitchen Renovation - Dry Wall

The dishwasher has moved to the family room to keep the refrigerator company, and alas, the blue pail has disappeared!  However, the biggest news of the day is that after what seemed to be an interminable delay in delivery (it's always something, isn't it?), the drywall arrived giving our workmen enough time to get at least some of it up before the end of their working day.

In the picture above you can see both the wall and the ceiling (with new recessed light fixture).  The wall with the broom leaning against it and the green opening is the sink wall, the one we see when we enter the kitchen.  It's really nice to have that wall up again as well as the ceiling closed in.  They haven't been taped yet, but that will come soon now.


1 comment:

  1. Things are looking up -- you have some walls !!!!! That's got to be exciting! Pretty soon you'll even have a kitchen.