Thursday, March 20, 2014

Is She Right???

Yesterday my best friend left a message on my blog.  She noticed that I haven't been really showing any photos of the kitchen renovation and guessed that I am waiting until it is finished so I can show it off in all its glory.

Hmmm . . .

Here's a photo of the shelf:

This shelf which spans three doorways used to be painted a dark green.  It is now a golden yellow.  We display our collection of tins on this shelf, but you'll notice that there are no tins in sight.  There will be tins eventually at either end, but I like this - green insulators, pitchers, tea cups, and a Majolica camel/tea pot. When we add some tins, we plan to choose them carefully and put up only those that are "display worthy".

And here's a photo of the top of the "pantry" (antique wooden cupboard):

Until this project, the top of this cupboard had four willow baskets to hold various and sundry items that didn't fit either inside the cupboard or in any of our cabinets.  Now that we have more storage space in the new cabinets, we made a pact to keep the top of this cupboard "junk free".  Today I thought we'd be more likely to adhere to that plan if the top was occupied by something more aesthetically pleasing to look at than overflowing willow baskets.  So there's my mother's copper bowl, two reproduction fish pitchers/vases, an old pitcher, old beer stein, and new, inexpensive art vase.  Spacing needs fiddling with.

My watercolor, "The Four Little Peppers and How They Grew", is hanging above the sink thanks to D.  That was the first thing he did when the workers left today.  It looks good there - appropriate subject matter.

So the workers are gone for two weeks.  They won't be back until the counter tops are in place and they can install the back splash.  Two weeks of quiet but hectic work to put things away and clean as much as possible.

Do you think my friend is correct about not showing you pictures of the kitchen?

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  1. Love the two shelves! It's so strange to think they are in your kitchen. And, putting the peppers above the sink is a great idea! I really can hardly wait to see this project! Bet you are, too!

    Thanks for the photos!!