Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Esterita Austin Class

This was day one of the class on self-portraits with Esterita Austin.  What fun it is!  She's a low key, very helpful teacher who spends a lot of time going around to stop and check on how everyone is doing.  She has no problem helping out, giving advice when asked, making suggestions, gently reminding one about something she said 14 times that has been ignored, etc.

It is a class on self-portraits, but some have brought in photos of other dear ones to do instead.  No problem.  My idea is still the same as it was; her only comment was that it will be a large piece.  Doesn't bother me.

It will be fun to share it with you when it is further along and get your impressions.


  1. I looked at her site. The portraits are amazing!
    Can't wait to see what you produce!!!

  2. I knew you'd learn a lot and I'm really happy you went to the classes.