Thursday, May 14, 2015

Stourhead Photo Revisited

E mentioned in a comment on the value study I recently did, that she didn't remember the building at all and would I mind posting it some time.  Although I sent her the photo in an email today, I realized that she would not be alone in not remembering it.  It has been a year since our trip to England and there were a lot of images posted in this blog.

As we took the path that led out of Stourhead Gardens proper up to the area where the bus waited for our tour group, D and I again saw the "maze" on our left that we had noted on our way in, but this time it had a visitor - make that two visitors:

A little red-haired girl and her red and white Cavalier King Charles Spaniel were have a great time running through this maze.

As we passed that spot, on our right we saw this structure.  Now, as I may have mentioned, I cannot remember if we saw it from the road that led into town or if we were still on Stourhead property.  I only remember I had to take pictures of it.  I could imagine it being thatched at one time (the roof line seems like that of the thatched cottages one sees, doesn't it?), and the limestone walls with the blue door and greenery are equally lovely and warm.  The pebbled/stony driveway is another perfect touch.  

If you scroll back to the value studies, you'll see, I hope, my start at rendering this pretty scene.


  1. That little girl and her puppy are very, very cute. The whole area of the building is beautiful and looks so restful !!

  2. I remember the little girl and the puppy. I also remember you asking her mother if it was o.k. to take her photo which would not have occurred to me. I was so pleased you asked, because you also got the story about how she loves running the maze (daily?- did I get that right?).