Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Stourhead Studies 2 and 3

Painting class was time well spent for me and for the two others who are the only others who made it to class today.  A is working on several studies of an eagle, and they all look very promising.  Sharon shared the work of a watercolor artist (check out her website www.jeanhaines.com/gallery ) who does some really fine, loose watercolors with bold and unique colors.  J is completing studies for a very complex still life with many pieces of silver.

And I worked on two more studies for my painting.   They are all on taped on the back of my drawing pad which is made of amazingly sturdy cardboard.  The one I posted yesterday is on the lower left.  The first one I did today is on the lower right.  I wanted to work on the limestone from which the building was constructed and the colors for the doors (the first blue wasn't purple enough) and roof.  You'll note that I didn't pay much if any attention to the actual shape of this building; this one looks very boxy - perfect for today's purpose.  The more periwinkle color is what I hoped for, and the yellow ochre limestone, while more intense than in the photo, gives the warmth I want.  The shaded portion of the building off to the far right appeals to be an older section. The stones incorporated in the wall are larger than in the rest of the building.  In the "newer" portion, I used some gray to indicate the stone work, and while I don't care for the way I did that, I like the gray.  The ridge of the roof is a good warm color, but the roof itself doesn't have the right cool tone it needs.

The last one I had time to try out is in the top right hand corner and makes use of a drawn building.  My intention in this one is to double check the colors and methods I like, to get the roof right, and see that all goes together well.  And, I hope it will build "muscle memory" which will help me make my brush strokes deliberate instead of tentative.  If it doesn't work for this painting, maybe it will for the next.  I know what regular practice can do in other areas, but I, fool that I am, I haven't applied it in this one.  

The  final test paper?  Just in case it's needed, and knowing me, it very well may be.  More practice is worth the time it takes.  Why does it take so long to remember something one has already learned?

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  1. looks like you're having fun - and I have no idea why we have to keep learning the same thing over and over and over again!!